As a young and agile company, we pride ourselves on being able to design, organise and deliver yoga workshops and camps, tailor made to suit the demands of Corporate, foreign tourists, kids and anyone with a view to convert to a healthy lifestyle. Our team of yoga teachers travel extensively within India and abroad too.

Therapy yoga:
Includes asanas, pranayama, mudra, bandh and satkarmas for cleansing and purifying the body, both internally and externally by eliminating the toxins from tissues and organs. It ensures the flow of prana (vital energy) in the right channel of Nadi to cure various chronic diseases.

Cyclic meditation, Yog nidra, tratak, meditation through holy mantras chanting, etc. creates balance within panchkoshas and arises deep awareness within oneself, which nurtures and cultivates universal brother hood, peace, joy and harmony in life.

Diet and health Counselling:
We at WellnTrim are happy to provide you with free advice on improving own diet and achieving a balanced lifestyle.