Welcome To Well N Trim

Ram Yogi - Founder and Chief Instructor
Ram Yogi - Founder and Chief Instructor Ram Yogi, founder of “Well n Trim’’ graduated in Science and is a dynamic visionary who dreams to make the world healthy and harmonious through yoga and free hand workouts. While attaining his Masters degree course in yogic science in Varanasi, he embarked upon the task of teaching yoga from a very young age of 19 years. His teachings are based on physical fitness, therapy of chronic diseases, stress management and meditation. “Well n Trim” is his labour of love and he has trained dedicated, qualified and experienced Fitness Trainer who are making this dream into a reality. Currently running multiple fitness centres across India along with seminars, workshops for foreigners , corporate and urban professionals; he has gained a great deal of expertise with a wide number of varied clients.

He conduct fitness oriented Yoga and free hand workout especially for weight loss, inch loss, body toning, glowing skin and tension relief, for getting required results. In a short span of time, he realized fitness need of current generation & accordingly he made combination of six workouts along with exclusively designed FAT Burning Yoga. He at Well n Trim firmly believe that his fitness program has something for everyone. It is not only for those who are overweight, or physically unfit. Its effects are so varied, comprehensive and far- reaching that it would be hard to find someone for whom it could offer nothing.