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Fitness Programme

We conduct fitness oriented Yoga and free hand workout especially for weight loss, inch loss, body toning, glowing skin and tension relief, for getting required results. In a short span of time we have designed six different types of fitness programmeme's. We at Well n Trim firmly believe our fitness programmeme has something for everyone. It is not only for those who are overweight, or physically unfit. Its effects are so varied, comprehensive and far- reaching that it would be hard to find someone for whom it could offer nothing.

Fat burning Yoga:

It is a combination of yogasanas and exercise practiced with dumbbells and resistant tubes at high intensity which increases the heart rate and oxygen consumption in body and ensures sweating, burning of stubborn fat and excess calories resulting in weight loss.

Sports Stretching:

Stretching exercises directly affects the nervous and endocrine system thus ensuring hormonal balance. Continuous contraction and relaxation of muscles increases flexibility, strength, stamina and sculpts the body. Retaining specific postures for a certain duration of time results in inch loss and body toning.

Vinyasa Yoga:

Multidirectional continuous flow of Asanas along with breathing pattern (Inhalation & Exhalation ). It includes balancing postures, basic, intermediate & advanced postures which promotes both cardiovascular and muscular stamina. Cardiovascular stamina is developed through the continuity of action and muscular stamina through sustaining the action of the muscles while holding the postures.

Hot Boot Camp:

For those who like to take fitness to another level altogether, Hot Boot Camp is the choice for you. Intense workout inspired from military training set at a room temperature that helps in building up strength and stamina with rapid weight loss while lowering the risk of cholesterol.


The most talked about form of dancercise. Dance to some fun music while you lose calories. Learn this eccentric form of workout just before you go to work or when you are looking forword to an exciting date. Get ready instead of you groove while you move.


Aerobics is a programme of physical conditioning designed to enhance circulatory and respiratory efficiency that involves vigorous sustained exercise on musical beats.

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